The Reproductive, Family and Health Association of Fiji works with a variety of partners to support our vision and ensure all people are free to make choices about their sexual reproductive health and well-being without discrimination.

Our main donors are the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade New Zealand.

We work in partnership with Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Fiji Women and Rights Movement, Home of Hopes, Family Planning New South Wales, UNFPA, Fiji Maritime Academy, Ministry of Employment.
Partnership with these bodies are on supplementing and complementing our services offered. These include comprehensive sexuality education training and awareness sessions, referral pathways, and teaming up with these bodies’ programs. Continued programs on sessions to Fiji Maritime Academy and to Pacific about Scheme recipients under the Ministry of Employment initiative.

Interested in becoming an RFHAF Partner?

Contact us to find out partnerships opportunities with RFHAF and contribute to the provision and advocacy of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all Fijians.