Achieving reproductive health for all

About RFHA

Since 1996 the Reproductive and Family Health Association of Fiji (RFHAF) has been committed to the reproductive and sexual health and rights of individuals, families, high need groups and the broader community.

Our Focus

We fight for priority populations, including young people; those living in rural and remote communities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people; and people with disabilities. Our focus adapts rapidly to areas of emerging need. We have been increasing our services in Fiji and the Pacific where reproductive and sexual health needs are great.

In Fiji, the Reproductive & Family Health Association of Fiji works in active collaboration with a network of community, NGO, private sector and government organisations. We value these and future partnerships, and will continue to invest in their effectiveness to enhance our capacity.

Why Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights [SRHR]?

This is a contributing factor to the high number of teenage pregnancies, which in 2013, according to the Health Status Report, was 40.1% With 46% of Fiji’s population below the age of 25, it is crucial now more than ever that Fiji look towards providing better SRH education for this key demographic. (Bureau of Statistics Population and Housing Census 2017).

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) Sexual and reproductive health and rights continues to be an issue of concern for women,men and members of the LGBTQI community. A key issue in Fiji is the lack of access for young people to adequate information about sexuality.

Why Young People?

How Many​

Fiji currently has over 200,000 young people enrolled between primary and secondary education​​


These students are spread throughout 900 schools throughout the country and its four divisions.​

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RFHAF is committed to ensuring that the sexual and reproductive health needs of Fiji’s population are met with adequate program and policies. RFHAF believes that health and choice about one’s sexual and reproductive life are human rights. Keep up to day with our facebook feed.