a) Static Clinic

  • RFHAF has one static clinic in Suva. The clinic operating hours are from 8:00am to 4:30pm from Monday to Thursday and 8:00am to 4:00pm every Friday. 

b) Mobile Outreach Clinic

  • RFHAF has a pool of volunteer nurses that we engage to complement our community programs. These are conducted based on needs assessment, invitations and complementing other stakeholder’s activities, for e.g with Ministry of Youth, Ministry of Health and Medical Services, Fiji Sports Commision, UNFPA. 

c) Community Based Distributors (CBDs)

  • Have a counsellor based at our Nadi office, with a pool of young peer educators (under 25 years) who does 1 on 1 counselling, refer clients to our clinic or other needed relevant authorities, offer commodities such as condoms, other contraceptives are only offered by nurses and clinicians.

d) NCD Screening

  • Test for sugar and blood pressures are taken. BMIs are calculated and consultation on wellness is provided to clients and its relation to sexual and reproductive health. Clients receive a booklet with which their results (sugar, blood pressure, BMI) are recorded in their wellness booklet and can be utilized by clients when they visit other clinics outside RFHAF as baseline.

e) Obstetrics

  • RFHAF currently offering ante-natal care every Tuesdays from 9:00am to 2:00pm, from first booking, reviews, echo screening, blood test, these are facilitated by the Ministry of Health nurses, and doctors. In complement, RFHAF’s clinicians does counselling on availability of contraceptives, self-care during pregnancy, learning the danger signs, most important is to let the pathway known on why, and where family planning services are available. 

f) Gynaecology – Cancer Screening

  • Pap Smear –screening method provided by RFHAF to detect the presence of HPV (if untreated further develops to cancer) and other abnormalities found within the cervix. (can be causing erratic menstruation, infertility, bloats, irregular abnormal pelvic pains) 
  • Breast Self-Examination/Assessment – Manual breast examination is done by our clinicians, counselling, referrals are done when needed to Fiji Cancer Society. 

 g) Family Planning and Contraceptives

  • RFHAF offers services from long-acting reversible methods such as IUD and implants as well as short- acting reversible methods such as injectable, pills, condoms, and the natural method (use of 
    calendar). Commodities – Jadelle, Microgynon, Depo Provera, Microlut, and Copper T. 

h) Counselling

  • Is offered on all services that are offered by RFHAF for example: relationship, sexuality, Family Planning and contraceptive, conception and pregnancy, fertility, STIs & HIV, abortion, sexual and gender based violence, women’s and men’s sexual health, etc. 

i) STIs

  • Counselling and syndromic management are readily available at RFHAF. 
  • Testing of STIs are referred to the lab, Pacific Laboratory Services, at their cost packages, depending on what STI in particular or all, you would like to be tested on. 

 j) SGBV

  • Receiving counselling, from signs and risks, referrals to Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre, Medical Services Pacific and the MOHMS health facilities are made by RFHAF. 

k) Urology

  • RFHAF in partnership with Pacific Laboratory Services engage testing for prostate cancer, sperm count, blood test, these are to check fertility of a person, or causes of irritations found in the male and female reproductive body part.