A. Sexual health and well-being

  • Sex and sexuality counselling – includes sexual and gender diversity, sexual pleasure, concerns and dysfunction.
  • Menstrual health counselling and management

B. Contraception

  • Counselling on family planning.
  • Oral Contraceptives – Oral contraceptives combined, oral contraceptives progesterone only.
  • Male and Female condoms
  • Injectables – 3 months depo, and 2 months injectable.
  • Implants – 5 years protection.
  • IUD
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pill (morning after pill)

C. Abortion Care 

  • Abortion Counselling – pre-abortion, post-abortion, self-care counselling and referral.

Abortion is illegal in Fiji, but we offer counselling and referrals for counselling to those who are in the idea of aborting or went through abortion, for necessary care urgently. Referral pathways are in order, Empower Pacific, Homes of Hope, Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre and Ministry of Health are the go-to networks to assist further with females who at a point in their life undergo such matters. 

D. Sexually Transmitted Infections/ Reproductive Tract Infections.

Pre-test counselling is done, where careful consideration of symptoms is screened and further referred for lab testing. Treatment and case management are available. Syndromic management medications are available in the clinic for chlamydia only. Tests are referred to laboratory / national SRH hub center.


Pre and posttest counselling and psychosocial support is offered. Tests are all referred to labs or SRH hub. Prevention and management medication available for provision- the Antiretroviral therapy. 

F. Obstetrics & Gynecology
Counselling on breast cancer, pre and posttest for cervical cancer. Manual /bimanual pelvic examination. Manual breast examination.  Prevention and detection of cervical cancer – pap smear sampling. 

G. Fertility Support 
Consultation and detailed medical history -if in partnership, of both partners)  Counselling on maximizing fertility. 

Initial investigations – for e.g., STI testing, semen analysis/sperm count. 

H. Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV).  Referral for clinical, psychosocial and protection services. 

H. Non-Sexual and Reproductive Health Services.

NCD Screening – hypertension, diabetes, stroke.

Pediatrics – Infants and children health well-being.

General Outpatients.