a) Static Clinic

  • RFHAF has one static clinic in Suva. The clinic is able to operate outside opening hours (flexible opening hours) on a needs basis, e.g.: for clients on Saturdays’ and weekdays (Monday – Friday) opening hours is as early as 7am till 7pm in the evening.

b) Mobile Outreach Clinic

  • Three service delivery points – Nausori Maternity Unit, Wainibokasi Sub-Divisional Hospital and Lautoka Family Planning Clinic which is operated in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.
  • Mobile outreach clinic is implemented in maritime zones (outer islands), squatter settlements, interior of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, during safe festival and safe games campaigns as well as public events.
  • Market vendors programme – for women who travel a night or two nights before to sell their produce at the Suva Market. RFHAF provides clinical services to the women during the night from 6:30pm – 10pm.

c) Community Based Distributors (CBDs)

  • Have 6 active CBDs who counsel women, men and young people on SRH in their community, distribute condoms, and refer clients for further clinical consultation. The CBDs assist RFHAF in its reach within the communities.

d) NCD Screening

  • Test for sugar and blood pressures are taken. BMIs are calculated and consultation on wellness is provided to clients and its relation to sexual and reproductive health. Clients receive a booklet with which their results (sugar, blood pressure, BMI) are recorded in their wellness booklet and can be utilized by clients when they visit other clinics outside RFHAF as baseline.

e) Obstetrics

  • Currently negotiating with MOHMS to provide services for post-natal mothers within the vicinity of RFHAF Static Clinic, as for ante-natal services RFHAF is currently engaged in early bookings for pregnant women and referral to maternity hospitals. RFHAF also implements pregnancy tests and birth preparedness plan with readiness plans for expectant women.

f) Gynaecology – Cancer Screening

  • VIA – Visual Inspection with Acetic-Acid is provided through a five-minute turn-around time for results and advantageous since it utilizes the single-visit-approach. If cancerous lesions are detected and within the cryotherapy diameter of treatment, then cryotherapy is offered to clients immediately. RFHAF does not only offer both services, it also has the only competent National VIA and Cryotherapy trainer. Very useful during RFHAF’s mobile outreach clinic to maritime zones and hard to reach geographical areas.
  • Pap Smear – also offered by RFHAF and is very beneficial in the detection of other infections
  • Breast Self-Examination/Assessment – this is teamed up with bra fitting for women.Most women are not aware of their bra sizes, hence bra fitting is the selling point in attracting women to get their breast examined. RFHAF in partnership with the Fiji Cancer Society is embarking in a laser lump detection mouse. This will assist RFHAF in providing services on the early detection of cancerous breast cells.

g) Family Planning and Contraceptives

  • RFHAF offers services from long-acting reversible methods such as IUD and implants as well as short- acting reversible methods such as injectable, pills, condoms, and the natural method (use of
    calendar). Commodities – Jadelle, Microgynon, Depo Provera, Microlut, and Copper T.

h) Counselling

  • Is offered on all services that are offered by RFHAF for example: relationship, sexuality, FP and contraceptive, conception and pregnancy, fertility, STIs, abortion, sexual and gender based violence, women’s and men’s sexual health, etc.

i) STIs

  • Syndromic management of STIs are offered at RFHAF but HIV services are referred to the MOHMS
    Reproductive Health Clinic.


  • Referral to Medical Services Pacific and the MOHMS health facilities are made by RFHAF but this
    should change after the staff training in March.

k) Urology

  • RFHAF in partnership with Van Med Lab will engage testing for PSA in men above fifty for prostate
    cancerous detection.

All RFHAF clinical services are free and user friendly. The RFHAF clinic is made up of two nursing midwives as fulltime staff and another nursing midwife as a volunteer, which RFHAF utilizes on a needs basis. All RFHAF nurses are licensed to practice in Fiji, under its legal National Nursing practices requirements. RFHAF has two nurses who are competent trainers, henceforth, in its MoU with MoHMS, RFHAF will be engaging in the training of MoHMS nurses on topics such as Update on FP and Contraceptives, VIA Screening, Cryotherapy Treatment, etc.