Namosi Outreach

RFHAF’s mobile clinic team conducting outreach to the hard-to-reach communities delivering sexual and reproductive health information and services. Mobile clinic nurse Sister Sereana Tikoduadua was accompanied by a program officer Benito Sigaveivola, reaching out to Narokorokoyawa, Tubarua, Nasavu, Matawailevu, Nasauvere and Korovou villages, of Noimalu district, in Naitasiri. This hard-to-reach area receive little to no service on reproductive health due to its geographical location and transportation accessibility. Sister Sereana and Benito had to carry their services commodities baggage by horse, walk on foot for 5 hours and had to cross the same river 21 times. Despite the brutal journey, our reps managed to reach the designated inaccessible outreach site and cover the above sites within a whole week. Women were provided with pap smear tests, counselling, family planning and contraceptive services, and information awareness session on sexual and gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health.Our representatives highlighted the importance of knowing, understanding and being sensitized about gender, each other’s (male & female) sexual and reproductive health needs and rights.