Training of Trainers (TOT)

RFHAF also engages adults and young people in its SRH Training of Trainers (TOT) program. The TOT training is for ten days, and an assessment period that should take place within three months after TOT. The ten days consist of four days knowledge; three days session planning and three days facilitation amongst participants of the training. Afterwards the participants are expected to attend a training with the RFHAF Facilitators, preferably in the first month. During the second and third month, the participants are expected to organise, plan and facilitate a three-day workshop where by they will be assessed to become facilitators of sexual and reproductive health information and education. Once the criteria of the assessment are met, the trainee is then awarded a certificate of competency in facilitating SRH Information and Education sessions.

Professional Development

The organisation also engages with institutions in building the capacity of their workers in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights. It currently conducts sessions with Fiji Maritime Academy in the re-certification program of its merchant navies. The subject that RFHAF delivers at the school is around Personal Safety and Social Responsibility. The subject is examinable, and failure may result in non-renewal of their certificate for seafaring. RFHAF also provides Professional Development for teachers in mainstream and special education settings; among religious leaders; and Ministry of Health Family Planning nurses, to name a few.

Engagement with Men and Boys

This is an avenue that RFHAF is contemplating to delve in after a break from such program in the past 15 years. During its twenty (20) odd years of serving in Fiji, RFHAF has realised the need to engage men in sexual and reproductive health work. The program anticipates to promote men’s involvement as equitable and non-violent fathers and caregivers in order to achieve family well-being and gender equality.


RFHAF has awareness sessions that it runs in the communities on sexual and reproductive health education. The sessions ranges from one hour to half-a-day, one day, three days and five days. The awareness sessions are usually implemented due to requests received from communities, churches, youth groups, etc.

Girl Empowerment Program

5 – 9 years: I Love Being a Girl

10 – 14 years: Future She Deserves

15 – 19 years: She Decides

20 – 24 years:  She Leads